Sunday, April 18, 2010

S'mores Cupcakes

I had this idea to make s'mores cupcakes. I found a few recipes online but finally just had to do it my way, it actually took 3 tries to get the frosting just where I wanted it but it finally worked :D

I was going to share the recipe but after having my friends try them they told me I should keep this one to myself as a specialty :) But, I will give you some ideas so you can experiment. After all that's half the fun!

Of course you have to have all the s'mores components: start off each cupcake with a gram cracker crust, top that with devils food cake, them fill them with rich chocolate fudge. Finally, top them off with marshmallow frosting, torch it with a kitchen torch and add a little piece of Hersey Chocolate.

Not only are they super cute but they are camp fire fun in a cupcake form !!!!

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