Thursday, January 14, 2010

A few little cupcake tips...

So my best friend asked me once how I got my cupcakes so "perfect" are a few tips:

  • It's very important to make sure your oven is fully preheated
  • Use a measuring cup to fill your cupcake tins 1/4 cups works perfectly
  • VERY important tap + shake your filled cake pans on the counter a few time (this was a trick my Mom taught me) it will get out all the air bubbles so your cake is even through and it will flatten the batter on he top so they raise in a perfect little dome.
  • Don't keep opening the oven to check on them this will make them bake un-evenly
  • Keep tooth picks or skewers near buy poke the middle cupcake to make sure they are done (if it pulls out clean your in the clear)
  • Finally ...PLEASE let them cool all the way before frosting them or it won't be pretty

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