Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun with boxed cake

This November my daughter turned 8 and we decided to make cupcakes....they are great with kids, no plates or fork needed. She decided she wanted strawberry cake with marshmallow filling :D

Being busy with other party planning I went for the boxed cake and pre-made frosting. Cooked the cupcakes and used a knife to cut a cone shape out of the middle. Cut off the bottom of the removed piece so there is just a little round lid. Filled it with marshmallow cream, put the little lid back on and frosted.

I colored the vanilla frosting with lilac gel food coloring (purchased a Michales craft stores...they have a wonderful cake decorating section, I also got the candy flowers and luster dust to glitter them there too)Piped the frosting on and added the candy flowers which I'd glittered with luster dust. They came out really cute. Looking back I would have added some strawberry extract to the icing but there is always next year :D

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